Giving You Total Peace of Mind

At Banyan Kitchen, we ensure that we fully understand and fulfil our client’s needs through our comprehensive approach to client’s commercial kitchen projects:

Initial Stage

  1. First business meeting will be a Q&A session covering important aspects of the restaurant business such as types of cuisine, food preparation, seating capacity and budget.
  2. The floor plan of the food outlet is carefully studied.
  3. A preliminary commercial kitchen layout plan is produced.
  4. The client confirms the layout plan and a budget is prepared based on work scope and deliverables.

Installation Stage

  1. Mechanical & Electrical drawings and 3D drawings are prepared based on the approved kitchen layout.
  2. Our staff will carry out regular site supervision and coordinate with the contractor to complete the project on time.
  3. The commercial kitchen is delivered and installed.
  4. Testing and commissioning of the kitchen is done to sort out any issues.
  5. The commercial kitchen is handed over to the client.

Post Installation Stage

  1. Troubleshooting – the capacity of the commercial kitchen is put to the test against sales volume, customer traffic and staff performance.
  2. Further enhancement is made to ensure that the commercial kitchen performs at optimum capacity.

Regular after sales customer service is provided to clients.